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Thank You!

My friend, Dean, emails (no he doesn't blog yet despite my repeated attempts) marvelous tales each week.  I have used a couple of them, but this one is so perfect, I wanted to share it right away!

Who have you thanked today?!  I try to thank everyone/anyone who offers any kind of service, which is a direct result of the actions of a friend of mine who always says "thank you for being here" to anyone who helps him (supermarket employees, restaurant worker, etc.).  Read Dean's email with as much pleasure as I did and pass it along!


I was playing at the Sarasota regional bridge tournament last week when the caddy routinely stopped by my table to pick up my score card.
"Thank you," I said to her, smiling.
A few minutes later, she returned to my table during a break. This time, she was the one smiling.
"Sir, did you know that you're the only person who says 'Thank you?'" she said. "And you say it every time I get your score card.
"Thank you!" she continued, shaking my hand.
"Thank you" are two beautifully simple words. Imagine what life could be like if we all said them more often.
Last weekend, my 11-year-old nephew flew down from Chicago to share a few days with me in paradise. Willy doesn't like to spend his money, so he was thrilled when I told him that he wouldn't have to pay for anything during his trip -- even though he was here to celebrate my birthday!
On the way to the Tampa airport on Sunday, we stopped by the Cortez Cafe for breakfast. After he finished his chili (Yes, I am a bad uncle...), he started looking for our waitress.
"Well, we can go once she gives us our bill," he said.
"She already brought it. It's right here," I said, pointing to my right.
Within a second, he reached over, grabbed it and stood up.
"No, Willy. I have it!"
He ignored me and promptly walked to the cashier.
When he came back to our booth, I got up and met him with a big hug.
"Thank you," I said.
"Thank you for a fun weekend," he said. "I want to come back!"
I reminded him that he had to tip the waitress ("How much? he asked. "It was a little over $16." I replied, "Give her 3 bucks!"). He had a few cents left over and bought some candy from the red machine by the cashier.
Ah, to be a kid...
During Mass this morning at St. Mary's, my buddy Jim read a wonderful passage from Sirach.
"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter;
he who finds one finds a treasure.
A faithful friend is beyond price,
no sum can balance his worth.
A faithful friend is a life-saving remedy."
In his sermon, Father Gerry talked about the importance of relationships, how not every day is necessarily a good one, and how we all work to keep things together.
That's not always easy, of course, but it's well worth it.
For being my faithful friend (and reader-sheila), thank you. Very much.






Published Friday, February 25, 2011 3:13 PM by Sheila Bell

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