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Is An Inspection Really Necessary?

It's a beautiful day, you have finally found a home and the rain waters are drying.  You're feeling pretty good about the upcoming inspection and you are full of optimism about that inspection because the house looks so good.  You might even consider waiving your option to have the inspection since everthing looks satisfacto     


If you are in an area that has recently recieved record rainfalls, this is a particularly important time to have a professional review the property and issue a report.  A professional, expert inspector will be able to observe any water intrusion issues, foundation issues, exterior issues (especially if the property is on a hillside), electrical issues and much more that the untrained person cannot detect. 

This includes your real estate professional.  As real estate professionals, our expertise is in the marketing and selling of the "real estate".  Unless your representative has an engineering, architectural or other background specific to real estate, he/she is not qualified to express an opinion that should be used to make a decision about the habitability of the property!

In the more than 20 years of being involved in the real estate business, I have been asked the question, "How does it look to you?".  My answer is always:  "The only one who should give you that answer is a qualified inspector and I have a list of the ones who have proven themselves and who have credential and testimonials to support it."

Be excited and enthusiastic about your decision.  But be practical.  Have a thorough inspection, getting engineering reports if necessary.  And, when the results are returned to you, be reasonable in your reaction.

Become an informed consumer and, with the help of a good Realtor and inspection professional, understand what is and is not something to be particularly concerned about and what is part of "the joys of homeownership" and need not consume you.  As a good negotiating position, determine (again, with the help of your Realtor) what is most important to you.

Good luck with your decisions and successful negotiating.  Happy House Hunting!

Published Tuesday, May 10, 2011 10:33 AM by Sheila Bell

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